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Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission:

We are committed to promoting excellence in healthcare, education and research in the field of Neurology & Sleep Medicine.

Our goal is to serve the Neurology & Sleep Health needs of the community by:

1. Providing holistic and evidence-based medical care in Neurology & Sleep Medicine
2. Advocating for early recognition, diagnosis & treatment of Neurological & Sleep Disorders
3. Raising public awareness of common Neurological & Sleep Disorders
4. Continuing Medical Education in Neurology & Sleep Medicine for healthcare professionals
5. Fostering the Development & Application of Scientific Knowledge in Neurology & Sleep Medicine

Our Philosophy:

We value the privilege of helping patients on the journey of healing and restoration of emotional and physical health with integrity, compassion and teamwork. We strive to deliver the highest standards of clinical service through the dedicated efforts of our staff working together.



我们的宗旨: 欢迎来到新加坡脑神经和睡眠中心。我们承诺在脑神经医学和睡眠医学方面的医疗保健,教育和研究工作追求卓越。
  1. 在脑神经医学和睡眠医学方面提供全方位和循证的医
  2. 推广及早发现,诊断和治疗脑神经疾病和睡眠失调症
  3. 提高民众对于普通脑神经疾病和睡眠失调症的认知
  4. 为专业医疗人士提供脑神经医学和睡眠医学方面的毕业后继续教育项目
  5. 鼓励脑神经医学和睡眠医学知识的发展和应用


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